Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Answerer

Welcome to my Blog, sure it's nothing to even sniff at right now but in the future I hope to become a stop for those of similar mind to myself.  My targets for what to talk about on this blog are Video Games, yeah I know isn't everyone doing that, and politics, again everyone is but this is my own personal take on each of these topics, and what I think of them.

I was driven here because well to be frank, I hate to troll... so instead of being the troll under the bridge arguing back and forth over the intar-tubes, I will instead make my thoughts known here and will stay out of the arguments that occur elsewhere.

As for the arguments here, well you may post, but I have final say of what is posted on MY blog, so if I don't like your comment... it's probably going to get deleted.  If it is something that makes me or others actually think.  Well then I will probably leave it, let my stewing anger vent a bit and then come back to it in another post.

What do I hope to accomplish here, well I plan on editorializing in general, that means that everything I say will be tinged by my personal opinions and feelings on topics.

Thank you for following and I hope that you enjoy what you find, or that if you don't that your vitriol doesn't hurt you too much because well like a duck it's water off my back.

Final note on comments...  Personal attacks will NOT be tolerated, if you attack me personally your comment will be deleted, and there is the possibility that I will just ignore future comments by you.  Lets keep it civil and thoughtful here guys thanks

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