Wednesday, May 16, 2012

58 BILLION dollars... (or On Deficits Surpluses and falsehoods)

So is it just me or does this dis-ingenuousness of the federal government make you sick.  It's not just on one side its on both, but as it stands the federal government or more appropriately the house and senate have not passed a budget in OVER 3 years.  Now that's all well and good I guess as it means all funding has stayed at the same levels as three years ago but my problem with this is that now there are those Obama supporters out there touting the newest fiscal surplus as this great achievement.

Can we all just be honest here, if the Democrats and/or Republicans could have pushed through any budget we would be sitting here complaining about and looking at yet another month of budget deficits.  Could we also look at where the cuts that allowed this surplus to appear are at.  Can the fiscal conservatives be more inept at pushing their message...  If you really want to put the screws to the spenders on both sides point out that the reason there is a surplus right now is massive losses to the benefits paid to those on Medicare.  Could we also push the fact that the majority of this current surplus is due to so many dropping off the unemployment rolls...

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