Friday, May 11, 2012

Updates: Constitutional Study and onto something more fun, well maybe

So as you all saw in my previous post Politicing from the keyboard, I am sure that you will all remember I was going over the constitution, while I think I did a fair job representing myself on the finer points of the pre-amble I think I have come across a snag, and haven't realized it until I actually started writing my post about Article I.  There are actually some interesting things inside of this document that no one seems to remember or pay attention to so with that said I am putting my review of the constitution on hold for a while, so that I can do some proper research on the subject and will come back to this at a later date.

As for more fun endeavours I think I am going to start going back through my games catalog again and putting up a review or two.  Yes this blog is about more than just politics, it's about my other past time and that's Gaming.  So since I started playing back through it and while it is approximately 8 years past it's prime I am going to start by reviewing in my own terms Doom 3.  From my objective standpoint.

I am about half way through this play through and will start writing sometime after Mothers Day.

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