Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Tax the Rich" -- Yeah just saw this

And I quote " Tax the rich. Contrary to popular belief they do not create jobs."

And then in response,

"I would like that etched in stone somewhere so people never forget it. Perhaps on a national monument: "Rich people do not create jobs." People that want to become rich do."

Could I have this explained to me as to how this makes any sense at all, I mean honestly this is like saying that once you get rich you don't want to stay rich, right.

Tax the rich as they create no jobs, so what you are telling me then is this, right, That S. Robson Walton, Andrew J McKenna & Don Thompson, William Clay Ford, Gregg Steinhafel, and Bill Gates create NO JOBS right, they are rich and they run fortune 500 companies but they create no jobs at all...  If you believe this you are DELUSIONAL that is all.

Thanks for coming to listen to my rants again listeners...

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