Thursday, May 10, 2012

Homosexual Marriage (on the right for homosexuals to experience the joys of matrimony)

Alright so in my personal view I can't say that I promote or am actively trying to get Same-Sex Marriage legalized anywhere, but at the same time I can't say that I see the issue with it as it is being presented.  On a Federal level you have the Protection of Marriage Act, which basically defines the term marriage on a national level, why this ever needed to be made I do not understand.  Why those who have an interest in this didn't go with the easiest such way around it which was to call it civil unions and then have the federal government just up and say, civil unions must be recognized nationwide I do not at all understand.  But call it what you will same-sex relationships hold all the candles of a standard marriage save the one that truly matters.  A child cannot naturally be produced within said relationship.  Do I think a child who grows up as a child in this type of family will not be well adjusted or will be tainted.

No I actually have a cousin who falls into this category, and while in natural cousin manner I think he's a nut-case (luv ya cuz), that is in no way a reflection on his up-bringing.  So, back on task here, I personally feel that same-sex couples are very much entitled to be bound contractually to one another and all the rights that go with said contract, but by defining same-sex marriage in the same way as the definition of a traditional opposite-sex marriage I think that the federal and any local government is going to, in my cynical opinion, open itself to having to rule on a religious issue at some point (Which as we know is NOT ALLOWED via the constitution, in the free practice clause).

This is going to open up some church in the future, mark my words (05/10/2012), to a lawsuit initiated by the ACLU or some similar group, due to the fact that their religion does not allow same sex marriage and thusly will not marry some couple in their chapel.  This will end in either the church and it's congregation having to fold, or a fight will be taken all the way to the supreme court and a ruling will be needed by the courts.  Now again maybe this is my cynical mind working but even as I sit here typing I see this as an opportunity for some enterprising homosexual couple to make A LOT of money if I am a lawyer.  But of course I could never in a million years imagine a lawyer advising one of their friends to pull this stunt EVER.

Sorry if I offend but just like the first guy to purposely step out in front of a car barreling down the road suing them, I can just see it coming to pass...

-- The Answerer

Edit: 10/19/2014 (Removed mention of race in final comment)

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